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Glassworks – Vosges
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Industrial Workshop – Mexico
Glass factory of the Loire
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Production hall

Production halls place very different demands on ventilation technology, depending on the type of work process. The questions posed to the flow simulation are consequently different.

In conventional heavy industry (e.g. rolling mills, steel construction companies), the problem is often the collection and disposal of smoke, dust and heat. Local exhaust ventilation in combination with appropriate hall ventilation must ensure that minimum values for airborne dust are met. The flow velocities on the welding units should not be too high so that the shielding gas atmosphere is not blown away. In machine tool halls with precision production, it is often a question of climatic consistency in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the products.

Modeling of ventilation systems for industrial premises

The organization of air exchange in production facilities requires special precision and responsibility.

Failure to meet air quality requirements, even in localized areas of the total volume, can result in both personnel illness and failure to meet the technological requirements of the production process.

CFD simulation allows

Study of a steel production hall

Design of natural ventilation and heat extraction hoods for the rebreathing stations.

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