Study of fine dust

CFD study of dust and sand capture


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Assistance to cement plants

During the production of cement, large quantities of fine and dangerous dust are produced and released. These noxious dusts are deposited on all surfaces of the plant, or are carried by the wind, representing a serious threat to the health of workers and efficiency problems of production, such as:

  • Time and costs required for plant maintenance
  • Losses of products and waste materials
  • Health risks of operators and  possibleaccidents 
  • Unexpected production stoppages 
  • Environmental pollution localized

By choosing to work with EOLIOS, you will have a dedicated team, composed of specialized technical office members and CFD simulation engineers.

CFD simulation

We perform plant-wide or system-wide CFD sizing studies. Our studies make it possible to study design variants and dust collection. The simulation of dust propagation is a particular discipline in CFD involving the physical characteristics of dust movement.

We accompany you in the verification and optimization of your systems:

Multi-criteria sizing of a dust collection system in the design phase:

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