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Glassworks – Hauts De France

CFD study of a glass factory

EOLIOS dimensioned natural ventilation openings and mechanical air distribution systems, optimized the general aeraulics of the processes of a glassworks in Haut-de-France using CFD simulation


Glassworks - Hauts De France






Hauts de France



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Description of the CFD mission

The thermo aeraulics of glassworks is very particular, because it results from phenomena interacting together. In this context, EOLIOS Engineering has ad imensioned by CFD simulation the natural ventilation of a glassworks located in Hauts-de-France. An existing site audit made it possible to calibrate the manufacturing process of the glass elements. The different stages of manufacture; furnace, feeder, drop, stretching, re-burning … could be modeled in order to obtain a realistic distribution of calories in the production hall. The different ventilation systems, fume extraction systems, andgas burner systems were integrated in order to accurately simulate the thermo aeraulics of the entire plant.

The precise modeling of the processes and systems, then the digital CFD simulation of the plant and its close environment (other buildings on the site) made it possible to obtain precise maps of several studied variables (air speed, temperature, level of pollution, pressure, etc.) in the plant.

The confort thermics of opérateurs in industrie is a facteur important for theon sécurity and theon productivity. The opérateurs doivent être in myure from tragoesiller dyears of conditions confortables for assurer a productivity and a sécurity optimales.

Simulation CFD d'une usine avec process à très haute température - étude du confort thermique des opérateurs
CFD simulation of thermal exchanges (conduction, convection, radiation) in a glass factory

Modeling of glass production

How are medical glass tubes produced?

Por produire of tubes in wormre, on utilise genéralement a processus appelé manufacturing at pennyfflage. Dyears this processus, a oven chauffe of morthisat from wormre à of températures très élevées. Udo fois that the wormre a atyouint a température suffisamment élevee, it is pennyff à laide da pennyfflet. The pennyfflet is a cando in wormre which permet at wormre from prendre a forme pennyhaitee. Udo fois that the wormre is pennyff, it is refroidi and placeé dyears a morthe où it is theissé refroidir and hardcir. Udo fois the tube in wormre produit, it is poli and biseauté for lui donationner its forme and ses enditions endales.

What is the impact of glass production on the temperature in the plant?

Glass production can have a significant impact on the temperature in the plant. Furnaces used to heat glass can reach very high temperatures, which can lead to an overall increase in plant temperature. In addition, the blowing process can also cause the plant temperature to rise, as the bellows temperatures must be high enough to blow the glass. Finally, the process of cooling the glass can also cause the plant temperature to rise, as the glass must be cooled to very low temperatures.

Why can the air quality be degraded in a glass factory?

CFD simulation of thermal exchanges (conduction, convection, radiation) in a glass factory

The quality from lair peut être degradee dyears a wormrerie in raison of émissions of ovens and of processus from pennyfflage. The émissions of ovens peuwind continir of éments chimics and of parules which peuwind être nocifs for the santé humaine and invironmentnementale. From more, the processus from pennyfflage peuwind également entraîner a hausgo to of émissions from pYou can visitifères and from fumee. By conséthatent, it is important that the usines from wormre handtiennent of niveat from quality from lair adéthatats à lintérieon from lusine for minimiser the reefques for the santé and linvironmentnement.

Sizing of natural ventilation by CFD simulation

The taking into account of the radiative phenomena, essential for this type of project, made it possible to know the levels of operator comfort. The studies were carried out taking into account the prevailing wind of the site in a real way (impact of the topography of the site) and according to different meteorological scenarios (winter, summer, etc.).

The sizing of the static roof ventilators , modeled precisely, made it possible to obtain their realistic flow according to the wind, the configuration of the plant and the associated inlet air flows. The CFD simulations carried out by EOLIOS engineers are the result of many years of research and expertise making it possible to calibrate the models in relation to the actual operations of the factories. The studies provided the client with a high level of expertise, a decision support tool that allowed him to make trade-offs between investments and thechoice of different technologies and to know the impact of different levels of sizing of the air inlets according to their positioning.

Improving thermal comfort and air quality through CFD simulation

The simulation CFD is a outit puissant which peut être utilisé for improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption dyears the wormreries. The simulation aéraulics peut être utilisee for etudirst the comportement of fluides and from lair dyears the factories and peut aider à determiner how the ventilation, the chauffage and the refroidissenatural peuwind être optimiss for créer a invironmentnement more confortable. More broadly, the simulation CFD peut également aider à determiner the meilleon emplacement for the sources from chaleon and from froid and à evaluate the effectiveness of the ventilation naturaland from chauffage.

Here, the simulation aéraulics to pu être utilisee for assess the impact of changes from the configuration in the factory and from ses éthatipements on the confort thermics.

Video summary of the study

CF simulationD da wormrerie allows to study the flows dair dyears lusine, ainsi that the distribution from the température, in fonction of différentes areas. Cela permet identify hot spots and cold spots, and from determiner if the ventilation is sufficient. From more, the modélisation CFD peut aider à compmakesre how the différents systèmy from lusine shave intégrs and interagissent the some awith the autres, this which peut aider à holeworm of solutions for improve efficiency.

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