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EOLIOS brings you high-level engineering to respond to your most demanding issues in the field of air, energy and the environment.

We support design offices , architects , project managers and manufacturers by offering cutting-edge studies for the most complex and high-stakes issues.

Our engineers draw on more than 10 years of experience on the most ambitious projects in France and on the proven use of CFD simulation in buildings.

We have unique know-how and the most powerful simulation tools allowing us to model many multi-physical issues with great precision. Beyond the analysis, we support you in the development of solutions and we are committed to the results.

Our solutions by theme

Cities & Territories

We carry out impact studies, heat islands and urban comfort

Climatic engineering

We provide auditing, sizing and fluid design services


We are specialized in the aeraulic design of laboratories, glassworks and Data Centers



CFD design office

We provide CFD engineering services on demand as a subcontractor

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  • EOLIOS innovates in the industry

    New modeling techniques for the industry! EOLIOS provided its technical expertise in understanding and modeling heat and air exchanges in a plastic product production and assembly plant. This plant is characterized by numerous high temperature furnaces and different soaking tanks. The final temperatures in the building are extremely hard to estimate r without using the simulation tools we have developed. In the factory, the production part can lead [...]

  • External CFD simulation – Data center

    Latest News: Whether on the ground, on the roof or both, mechanical heat rejection systems such as cooling towers and chillers share space with back-up electrical generators (generator set). A compact high density layout inside the building results in a compact layout of the outdoor cooling equipment. This leads to significant challenges and problems in managing the airflow outside the building. Most manufacturer's equipment documents provide minimum clearance requirements [...]

  • CFD simulation – Data Center

    Latest News: Hello everyone, Today, we take a little time to present the external CFD studies for data centers, industries and other sensitive sites. What is it used for ? Well, in a context of high heat and high installation density, the roof dryers can interfere with each other leading to a significant loss of power, or even stop in cascade. This is not ideal for safety devices that [...]

  • Simulation CFD - Paris Bercy

    CFD simulation – Bercy Accord Hôtel Aréna

    Latest News: Hello everyone ! Today, we present to you the studies carried out for the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy . As part of the feasibility study for the optimization of EOLIOS air conditioning systems and SPHERE Ingénierie carried out a series of studies to define the sizing of the systems. The Hôtel Aréna agreement has technical facilities for its large room which will have to ensure for the [...]


Natural ventilation
Diffusion of pollution
Pressure loss calculations
Sizing of industrial systems
Thermal comfort
Dynamic heat balance
Energy study
Wind load
Impact study
Prototype design
Study of pedestrian comfort
Air quality
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French and International projects

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