The society

EOLIOS is a unique company specialized in mathematical modeling services of velocity, temperature, humidity, gas and energy modeling of building systems. A pioneer in the use of CFD applied to buildings, our panel of expertise has recently been enriched with the integration into the team of doctors of medicine for air quality audit missions in buildings in relation with the spread of epidemics.

"Engineers who are experts in their field"

Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience in the field of modelling, acquired in the context of the design of climatic engineering installations for the most ambitious projects in France. Therefore, the philosophy of our engineering team is based on the need to obtain not only an opinion on quality, on the state of the initial design of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; but also ofmake specific recommendations for improve or correct the installations in the simplest and most least expensive possible.

French and international references

Many years of experience in this field have allowed us to accumulate leading-edge experience in the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of high-volume, high-stress rooms. As part of a team of engineers and fluid dynamics experts, our in-depth knowledge of gas and liquid flows translates into clear advice for the functional improvement of buildings, products and systems. Over the years, EOLIOS Engineering has become a respected knowledge and development partner for its clients.

The most significant references in our portfolio of companies today include thestudy of new Data Centers, industrial installations in France and abroad, and numerous expert missions for various thermo-aerodynamic subjects.

As part of the activities of our company, we cooperate with the main scientific and industrial organizations in France. The company’s employees also conduct educational activities in the fields of industry and construction.

Discover our latest projects

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Pharmaceutical Laboratory – Dust

Modèle 3d d'une piscine

Swimming pool – Montreuil

Thermal comfort study – trichloramine diffusion in a children’s pool

Schéma de l'aéraulique de deux machines IS - Verrerie

Glassworks – Vosges

Illustration d'étude CFD - usine - eolienne

Plant – Wind turbine

Etude de l'aéraulique d'un entrepôt de stockage pharmaceutique

Cold Room – Leipzig

Simulation CFD transitoire de la dispersion du gaz NOVEC dans un data center

Data Center – GAZ NOVEC

Coupe des vitesses d'air CFD dans une chambre froide de ressuage non optimisée

Cold room – penetrant testing