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EOLIOS is a consulting firm specialized in wind engineering, microclimates and air pollution at the scale of cities and territories.


The EOLIOS company has the ambition to answer all the questions likely to be raised by the climatic phenomena developing on the scale of the cities and the districts. The EOLIOS team is composed of urban engineers with a transverse view allowing to arm the cities in front of the climate change.

Our expertise in fluid mechanics allows us to accompany you on the problems of comfort in the wind for pedestrians, on the phenomena of urban heat islands, small wind and on the safety in the wind.

We also assist cities and industrialists instudies of the impact of odor dispersion, chemical or bacteriological pollutants (gases, particles, dust, pollens, viruses).

EOLIOS solutions

Our CFD design office is specialized in high quality numerical processing and calculation applied to fluid mechanics and thermodynamic phenomena and to the reduction of energy consumption. The EOLIOS team is a group of highly experienced CAD and CFD engineers and experts who can provide quick responses and valuable advice to companies in need of engineering, analysis and project support services.

We use our technology and expertise to provide high quality professional services.

Your needs

Regulatory documents

You are required to justify compliance with a specification or a standard and to formalize this justification in a calculation note or by measurements.


You have a problem of optimization of your system with an objective of reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Design assistance

Your project has stringent requirements and you want to lead your design with the help of calculation and simulation.

Impact study

You want to identify the impacts of a new building or of a failure of the anti-pollution systems of a factory.


The resolution of your problem can only be achieved by sophisticated testing in a complex numerical simulation.

Site audit

You wish to audit your installation in order to find the origin of dysfunctions, to analyze the incurred risks and to set up an expertise protocol.

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