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Smoke extraction engineering

EOLIOS helps to protect communities, businesses and assets by helping its customers to better understand the risks of fire outbreaks and human behavior in the event of a fire. We perform smoke control simulations and advanced risk analysis.

EOLIOS is a design office specializing in fire risk engineering

At EOLIOS, we always strive to analyze, test and develop the best fire safety engineering techniques to protect a diverse range of built environments.

Our expertise and knowledge of risk engineering, combined with our smoke extraction engineering services, enable us to provide complete and safe fire safety engineering (FSE ) solutions, from initial designs through to construction, testing and commissioning, and beyond to final delivery.

Our specific smoke control engineering solutions

Our design office specializes in advanced design and consulting services in fire engineering and fire safety engineering.

Smoke control engineering services

Grâce à our Using specialized CFD modeling and analysis tools, EOLIOS analyzes and simulates the behavior and performance of systems and prototypes, with the aim of improving their efficiency and quality. Our simulations offer an accuracy and flexibility that cannot be achieved by other methods.

We help our customers not only to test their processes, but also to evaluate their performance and identify areas for improvement. In addition, simulation allows companies to multiply the tests of processes with different parameters and configurations, which allows a greater understanding and control of their processes.

EOLIOS engineers, experts in their respective fields, are ready to develop your systems.

Your smoke control engineering needs

EOLIOS can support you at every stage of your project.

Regulatory documents

You are required to justify compliance with a specification or a standard and to formalize this justification in a calculation note or by measurements.


Solving your problem can only be achieved by sophisticated testing in a complex numerical simulation requiring powerful calculation servers.


You have a problem of optimization of your system with an objective of reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Design assistance

Your project has stringent requirements and you want to direct your design based on calculation and simulation.

Risk analysis

You want to identify the impact of a failure on your systems in relation to a failure or during testing under extreme conditions.

Site audit

You wish to audit your installation in order to find the origin of dysfunctions, to analyze the incurred risks and to set up an expertise protocol.


Solving your problem can only be achieved by sophisticated testing in a complex numerical simulation requiring powerful calculation servers.

Site audit

You wish to audit your installation in order to find the origin of dysfunctions, to analyze the incurred risks and to set up an expertise protocol.

Our smoke control engineering projects

Here are some of the projects we’ve carried out in smoke ventilation engineering for various customers and with numerous CFD simulation applications. For more than just fire safety engineering, see all our CFD projects

Smoke control engineering – Theater

All our CFD projects

Find out more about our work and other CFD applications.

Our CFD simulation customers

Our customers such as Rolls Royce, OVH and Equinix are satisfied and call on us regularly.
to optimize their industrial processes using CFD simulation.

Rely on our CFD simulation design office to help you realize your projects and provide you with customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our approach

Our design office works with customers to define their simulation requirements, and we then carry out all the associated R&D work: geometric model creation, meshing, simulation, analysis of results, and report writing.

We’ll work with you to design the right technical solutions, and we’re committed to delivering results!

Committed to research

Since its creation, EOLIOS has developed new simulation techniques to handle a wide range of projects.

The company is a pioneer in the use of CFD applied to buildings and industry, to solve the most complex problems in all areas of fluid mechanics.

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Committed to research

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A wide range of physics based on the best simulation methods

We have in-depth expertise in fluid flow modeling and analysis, enabling us to provide innovative and effective solutions to all your CFD simulation problems.




Mechanical engineering







Thanks to our highly qualified team and state-of-the-art tools, we can accurately and reliably simulate the interactions between fluids and obstacles, whether for aerodynamic or thermal applications, or for optimizing your designs.

Our technical files in engineering
smoke extraction

We produce a large number of resources to document the progress of the discipline of CFD simulation applied to smoke control engineering, as well as all the applications it can be used for. From in-depth articles to help you understand our business, to videos based on our CFD software, the choice is yours!

Smoke extraction in underground parking lots

Smoke extraction is an essential part of fire safety, as it reduces the risk of asphyxiation, improves visibility and facilitates rescue operations.

Sprinkler: how does a sprinkler system work?

Its main purpose is to detect fires quickly and suppress them effectively. How is a sprinkler triggered?

Fire safety engineering

EOLIOS INGENIERIE is a design office specializing in fire safety engineering (SDSI, COSSI, Explosion ATEX, RCCI), smoke extraction, asbestos and safety.

Our smoke control engineering videos

Our in-depth knowledge of the most powerful CFD software enables us to carry out fast, accurate simulations, providing you with reliable, relevant results in the shortest possible time.

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Study of a fire in a theater

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Simulation of natural smoke extraction in an office

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Fire fighting – study of NOVEC gas dispersion in a data center

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Engineering of smoke extraction in a warehouse

Our speciality in fire risk engineering

Industrial system simulation has become an essential tool for companies seeking to optimize their production processes. By enabling different configurations to be analyzed and tested, simulation provides a better understanding of industrial systems, enabling informed decisions to be made, and helping to improve productivity, profitability and competitiveness.

By integrating CFD simulation of industrial systems into their management approach, manufacturers can anticipate challenges, reduce costs, improve productivity and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our other areas of expertise

Air & Wind

  • Urban aeraulics
  • Pedestrian comfort
  • Air pollution
  • Dust study
  • Heat island
  • Impact study