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CFD simulation – Data Center


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Hello everyone,

Today, we take some time to present you the external CFD studies for data centers, industries and other sensitive sites.

What is it used for ?

Well, in a context of high heat and high density of installation, the drys on the roof can interfere with each other causing a significant loss of power, or even stop in cascade. This is not ideal for safety devices that have to operate in extreme conditions. CFD allows to study the impact of heat rejection plumes.

Generators can also release NOx captured by office AHUs, especially if some chimneys are poorly designed. It is then possible to study the diffusion of pollutants according to the wind.

Finally, well-ventilated roof-top chillers allow for significant energy savings by optimizing the COP and EER of the installations.

Find out more about the external CFD simulation in video:

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