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The in-depth study of EOLIOS made it possible to complete the risk assessment, optimize the design and determine the energy consumption of the data center.


External CFD Study - Data Center in Saint Denis - Paris






France - Saint Denis


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Description of the project

Equinix is the global leader in interconnection and data centers . Equinix data centers are located in most countries of the world, on five continents. Paris is a place rich in networks and dense in clouds and is one of the most important central connectivity hubs in the world.

Equinix has opened a new data center in Saint Denis. This unique data center consists of a lower part (the existing data centers in particular) and a high part (the PA10 data center). This combination posed several technical challenges during the design and construction phase. One of them was the discharge of hot air and fumes from cooling devices and emergency generators . The relatively small space available makes it less obvious that the fresh air flow, the exhaust air and the data center fumes are always separated.

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External CFD simulation of a data center

Equinix subcontractors, CCI and IMOGIS, asked EOLIOS to carry out an in-depth analysis of the flows around the building. Therefore, we created a detailed computer model including surrounding buildings, all data center rooftop cooling devices, all exhausts, air intakes and details such as windscreens, louvers and roofs. . We then used this model to calculate the airflow, temperatureand water vapor (relative humidity) distributionin several scenarios.

These scenarios vary depending on the operational mode (normal, maintenance, emergency) and the weather conditions (high or low temperature, wind speed and direction).

The study provided both contractors and Equinix with detailed information on what could happen under various circumstances. It was used to complete the risk assessment , optimize the design , and determine the power consumption of the data center. The information provided by the CFD study made it possible to optimally resolve the associated engineering challenges.

Identification des panaches thermiques d'un data center en ville
Illustration of thermal plumes of different calorific intensity

Video summary of the study

Our engineering mission is to understand the thermo aeraulic phenomenon present on a data center roof. The simulation CFD exterdo da data center mountre the heat distribution and air velocities à lextérieon from center from donationnées. Elthe peut également mountrer how lair is acheminé à lintérieon from center from donationnées, especially in naturally ventilated rooms such as those of generators.

From more, elthe mountre how lair is ventilated roofing and how works the air coolers. Inend, elthe peut aider à compmakesre how these air coolers could être optimiss for improve efficiency energy and reduce electrical costs.

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