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A knowledge bank

This page gathers a certain number of resources which will allow you to better know us, to better understand our activity, and to enter in detail in our know-how. The goal is to document what we do.

You can also find all our videos, to retrace our different projects and discover our expertise in pictures.


What is CFD simulation?

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What is natural ventilation?

Smoke extraction in underground parking lots

Etude des recirculations - aérotherme 2

Legionnaires’ disease and cooling towers

Pedestrian comfort criteria and mapping

Data center fire safety: Automatic Gas Extinguishing Systems (IEAG)

What is a data center’s digital twin?

File: applying IT246

The ESSOC law for fire safety

The objectives of smoke control

What are the effects of wind in the city?


Thermal draft effect

CFD simulation: An alternative to wind tunnel testing

Pressure study

What is CFD simulation?