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Simulation of the propagation of covid

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Simulation for understanding

Various physical phenomena such as the movement of fluids, the movement and deformation of structures, the heat transport of substances, chemical reactions such as combustion phenomena and the propagation of sound are very familiar phenomena in our daily life. These phenomena often occur by affecting each other and constitute extremely complex problems. Therefore, it is academic and industrial to use simulations to elucidate the mechanism and study the performance of the product.

We develop not only conventional fluid simulations, but also numerical analysis methods to simulate complex physical phenomena for sensitive environments, and we publish our results academically.

Theoretical simulation of the propagation of COVID and other viruses

Droplet infection is one of the routes of transmission of infectious diseases caused by viruses such as coronavirus (COVID-19). Like it is not possible to visually observe the spread of virus droplets, Carriers can spread the bacteria to those around them, appropriate measures are therefore necessary. In addition, aerosols with a particle size of 5 μm or less will float in the air for a longer distance and for a longer period of time, so it is necessary to take measurements separately from larger particle size droplets.

In order to take action against droplet infection, it is necessary to correctly predict the process of droplet and aerosol diffusion and to estimate the effect of airflow on infection. In our lab, we conduct simulations using computational fluid dynamics for droplets and aerosols.

In addition to analyzing the results obtained by the simulation, we are also considering measures to reduce the risk of droplet infection in view of the results.

Covid scalar - etude cfd
CFD simulation of hot and cold aisle temperature distribution - Data Center
Covid scalar - etude cfd
CFD simulation of hot and cold aisle temperature distribution - Data Center

We audit the Covid protocols of large groups in order to expertise in solutions implemented and assess the risks of contamination. We study the existing air treatment systems, according to their level of filtration, real air flow and their regulation according to the work code and the phenomena of aerosol propagations.

Site audit

We conduct site audits to verify the compliance of work spaces and with the objective ofimproving the comfort of employees.

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